We aren’t shy about the fact that we design, build, paint, and test our bikes in Colombia, which tends to perplex some people. After all, at the mention of “cycling culture”, most minds veer toward places like Italy, France, and Spain. When we hear about “bike building”? Mass-market carbon from Asia and handbuilt bikes from North America and Europe dominate the sphere of influence. But a whisper about Colombia? Bad (offensive) jokes about Pablo Escobar.


Our bikes are made here because in Colombia, cycling transcends sport, class, history, gender, and culture. It is part of the fabric of the nation, and that fabric is currently on full display thanks to its success at the highest level of sport. After nearly four decades of trying, Egan Bernal has brought the first Tour de France victory to Colombia, the crowning achievement of men’s road racing. The “Queen of BMX”, Mariana Pajón, has taken ten World Championships and two Olympic gold medals since 2008, battling through injury with a nose sniffing at Tokyo 2020 gold. Marcelo Guttierez has left his mark as one of the Americas’ most successful and consistent downhill mountain bikers, winning the endurance-level Garbanzo Crankworx DH a record five times while notching dozens of top-ten UCI World Cup DH finishes. Needless to say, when it comes to professional bicycle racing in nearly any discipline, Colombia is usually featured near - or at - the top.