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The Chocó jungle. Very few have ventured to discover one of the best kept natural secrets. El Chocó is considered one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. It is home to many exotic and endemic species, but it is also a critical corridor for the migration of marine life.

This region creates a unique interaction between the rainforest, the sea and the mountains, resulting in an ecosystem that only generates charm.

Our curiosity and passion to explore the most remote places in Colombia, could not put aside the idea of exploring Chocó by bicycle. Our intention was to get as deep into the jungle as we could. It was only 120km from Ciudad Bolívar to Quibdó, which were so physically and emotionally intense that we could not contain ourselves from paying tribute to this adventure.

Jungle is the new design concept at SCARAB. It is our effort to show the natural abundance of the Chocó in a powerful way. Designing this painting showed us that as humans, we are always trying to control and organize our environment, but here we learned that nature has its way of doing things. Jungla is an interpretation of the density, diversity and depth of the Chocoana jungle. If you look at the jungle from afar you will see an infinite green sea of jungle. What you can't imagine is that if you take the time and determination to observe, a new world is revealed before your eyes.

Very soon we will be revealing this limited edition to the public. In turn, we will be showing specific details about the painting and anecdotes about our expedition to Chocó. Make sure you're on our mailing list to stay up-to-date on the launch.
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