Colombia stretches from the plains of the Orinoquia in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west. The peculiarity is that the path that leads from one place to another requires going up three mountain ranges, high and extensive like our hopes. Our natural water wealth is, to a large extent, the result of this strange geographical condition. The Andes forms a knot on the southern border of the country and folds into three mountain ranges; the Oriental, the central, and the western, that's what we call them, that's how they teach us to name them. And we learn to live with their differences: people, towns, colors, flavors, fauna and flora change with each fold of the mountain.
We have traveled the country by bicycle as witnesses of the effervescence of all those communities that extend along the roads. However, we wanted to change our perspective, left the excuse of doing gravel to discover the unknown and we set ourselves the goal of doing gravel to compete. Hand in hand with three friends we created Transcordilleras as a race with which we wanted to test our passion for the country and its trails.