The ordering journey around your new Scarab is a linear process that comes in some pretty easy-to-digest steps. Bear with us for a moment, and we’ll take you through a world of pure imagination.


To begin the journey, we take a $500 non-refundable deposit to lock in your place in our production queue. Our current lead-time from confirmed design is 6-8 weeks.


One of the most important aspects behind building a custom bike is fitting. While we love being able to fit each and every one of our clients at our locations in Colombia and California (or out on the road), it’s not always possible (all of our fits for new bikes are free of charge). If that’s the case, we can approach fit in a few different ways.

  • Already know your own fit numbers, or you’re really comfortable on your current bike’s setup? No problem! We can design your frame around those, and can give you some guidance on how to measure.

  • We have a fairly network of professional independent fitters all over the world that we can connect you with, while also helping to subsidize your fit cost.

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 07.47.02.png


We can already hear the question: “Aren’t fit and geometry the same thing?”


Fit definitely informs geometry, but it is not the same. Fit simply tells us where your hands, butt, and feet need to be in the bike’s geometry, balanced for the best handling possible. It’s here where we ask you a lot of questions (and hopefully ride with you), and base every measurement and every tube choice to match your own dimensions. Your own flexibility. Your own riding style. Are you a bigger, powerful rider, going for every sprint? Perhaps you’re a lithe escarabajo, floating up towering climbs. Do you tear up descents faster than Marcelo Guttiérez? Or perhaps, you want to load your bike with racks and gear for a multi-day expedition in the High Country? Have you raced professionally, or have you just started riding? Maybe you don’t even ride yet. Possibilities? Endless.

We’ll also need to settle on one of our build kits for your new bike if you’re getting a complete from us. Why so soon? Some options and parts can affect the production of your frame, and we want to build your bike to their specifications.

Once we have your geometry chart and build confirmed, we can start working on the most fun part: Paint.



Finally, we’ll start the paint/surface design conversation. This can be one of the most intimidating steps of the process, so we’ve made it far easier with our four paint designs that can be applied to any of our frames except for Línea. You can read more about our in-house paint process here. We’ll ask a lot of questions (again). Have a pretty good idea of your color scheme? No clue? Our design team will get to the bottom of it to deliver you the bike everyone at the coffee shop gawks at. Once the paint design is signed off, the clock starts ticking.


We’ll periodically update you with photos throughout the production process at our workshop in Colombia. As your frame delivery date approaches, we'll ask for payment of the remainder of the balance for the bike.



Finally, the blessed day! Depending on your location, we’ll build the frame into a bicycle at our El Retiro, Colombia workshop or at our San Francisco, California studio. At this point, you can either pick up your bike in person, or we can ship to your address in a near-complete build status.